ChippFest 2018

ChippFest 2018.

The Arts side of ChippFest covers any type of art through any type of medium. - Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, Pottery, Glass, Engraving, Photography, Video, Wood, Enamel , Fashion, in fact any kind of Art. Not sure how you might fit in ?

   Contact Andy Thatcher on

07950 842  365.

  During the Festival a number of our radio Programmes will be going live round the Town. Don't miss the opportunity to take part in one of our live shows.

The Drama side of the Festival includes everything that comes under Drama - Plays, Dance, Mime,Poetry, Street Entertainers, Debateing Etc. If you have an act that you believe would fit into ChippFest,Contact Andy Thatcher on

07950 842 365.

Mr Brian Reid, The Midweek Mojo heads up the Music side of Chippfest. The Mojo has a wealth of experience, knowledge and connections with Local Bands and Unsigned Artists.

  With the help of three of our other Top Presenters, Jerry Garraway 'The Thursday Ace', Sharmain "Bunch of Thyme" and Alexis Evans " Early Evening Evans" the Music side of ChippFest will explode.

  Contact The Mojo on 07515 641 349

The Arts



Three Sections to ChippFest